Friday, March 2, 2012

Days Out With Kids At Wolf Lodge Grand Mound

If you plan to visit Great Wolf Lodge in Great Mount, you will have fun days out with kids at a cool water park. Some people even visit through the week. All of the rides and the swimming pools are excellent for kids and grownups. There are a few things that people may find negative about this location, but overall, any kid that visits will have a blast.



Great Wolf Lodge in Great Mount has lots of great food, however, some people think that it is expensive. The great thing about the food is that it is very good and kids will love it, but if you are on a budget, consider bringing some of your own food. The rooms have lots of cool kitchen gadgets that will help you cook meals for everyone. A microwave is included in the rooms, so bring microwave dinners.  Microwave dinner saves money when spending days out with kids. You can store them in the fridge until you are ready to eat them. You can also go out to eat because there are many restaurants in the surrounding area that offer cool food.

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I love sodas

As for the park itself, it has lots of cool water slides that are huge, even though the resort itself is one of Great Wolf Lodge’s smaller locations, which means it is a nice spot for spending days with kids who do not like walking.  Big water slide means that kids get to slide from up high and hit the pool at a high speed. Big slides, however, are not the only slides at this park, there are small slides as well for the smaller kids. Kids will want to spend all day swimming, and that is not a bad thing because the staff keeps the building at a decent temperature, so everyone stays comfortable. The best thing about the staff is the great lifeguards who are on duty. Parents like the fact that they can let there kids play in the pool, and they can go other places knowing that their kids are safe swimming in the pool. Out of all the pools, the only pools the small kids should not try is the wave pool. The wave pool has lots of waves, and it is used by surfers who want to enjoy surfing indoors. If a kid knows how to surf, they should try it, if not, it is best to take surfing lessons first.  Spending days out with kids is not fun if one of them gets hurt.

Great Wolf Lodge is a cool resort that is geared towards kids, but there are some things that grownups will love too. The hot tub is fantastic; many parents like to use it at the end of a long day. The staff keeps that temperature of the water warm.

The rooms at the resort are very clean; the only problem is that some rooms are close to a subway, so keep this in mind when booking your room. The noise from the trains that go by might wake up light sleepers, so bring a pair of noise canceling headphones if you are a light sleeper.  Sleeping is important because rest is needed when spending days out with kids.

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